Wondering if you or a loved one have dementia? We're here to help.


What is dementia?

Dementia is a not a single disease, but a wide range of medical conditions relating to abnormal brain changes. ​It affects cognitive abilities, which affects behavior and relationships.

While Dementia is a disease that causes memory loss, Alzheimer's disease results in cognitive dysfunction in addition to memory loss. Our test can be used to test for both.


How do we determine dementia?

Our test is designed to help target Alzheimer's and Dementia early. The Clockwork test has been scientifically proven to indicate Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia. When taking the test, you will be instructed to draw a clock face. If you receive a positive result, do not panic! You may have received a false-positive! We recommend taking the test at least five times over the course of a week, contacting your doctor for an official diagnosis, and read more about what is Alzheimer's and Dementia, treatments, and possible cures.

Take the test

Draw a clock face with a circle, numbers, and hands.

Make sure to draw as neatly and clearly as possible.

Then upload a picture of your drawing so our algorithms can make their prediction.





You can also use our drawing tool linked in the menu to draw and save an image right from your browser.

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